Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What not to iron?

Hmm? What's an iron?

Oh yeah, that electric monster that you fill with water and curse at while you run it's hot body across, whatever... Maybe you can help me add to this list of things to iron/not to iron...

What to Iron and what not to Iron

Do not iron:

Your clothes while they are on your body
Waffles (unless it’s a waffle iron)
any food
Bed sheets, who cares and who has the time?
Sequins or beads
The sticky parts of a graphic tee

Do iron:

What you plan to wear for an interview
Your kids clothes so they don’t look like orphans
To impress your date, yes you might have to iron jeans

Have professionals iron:

Your hair
Shirts that you wear with suits (although if you are smart you will buy the wrinkle free...)
Tablecloths (if you actually own such a thing)
Draperies/curtains (unless they are super easy)

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