Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What not to iron?

Hmm? What's an iron?

Oh yeah, that electric monster that you fill with water and curse at while you run it's hot body across, whatever... Maybe you can help me add to this list of things to iron/not to iron...

What to Iron and what not to Iron

Do not iron:

Your clothes while they are on your body
Waffles (unless it’s a waffle iron)
any food
Bed sheets, who cares and who has the time?
Sequins or beads
The sticky parts of a graphic tee

Do iron:

What you plan to wear for an interview
Your kids clothes so they don’t look like orphans
To impress your date, yes you might have to iron jeans

Have professionals iron:

Your hair
Shirts that you wear with suits (although if you are smart you will buy the wrinkle free...)
Tablecloths (if you actually own such a thing)
Draperies/curtains (unless they are super easy)

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Good Boys

The Good Boys
As the NBA finals approached and the Dallas Mavericks began their cardiac therapy for all their fans, I began a chant in my mind, a little prayer.  A voice kept saying in my head “The Good will win, the Good will win!”  They powered back from behind many times and when they made it into the finals, I began to worry (a little) that Miami would be too tough and I didn’t wish any “badness” to happen to Miami, I just felt that the Good Boys deserved to win.  Miami set an uncomfortable tone from the beginning as they built their powerhouse team. But when they celebrated their season before it even began, I thought it was like opening a bad can of sardines. It smelled terrible and started their season with the entire rest of the NBA mad at them.  They were gloating before they had any right to do so, and I know a little of that bad mojo stayed with them to the end. Dallas played their hearts out and earned the championship.  It showed the Heat that you can’t win a championship just by buying some of the best players.
I have been a Mavs fan for thirty years.  Since I was two.. ha ha... so when the final buzzer sounded on that Sunday night I found myself in tears at the realization that they had done it!  They solidly won their place in NBA history.  I can’t imagine that you could find a team with more heart than the Dallas Mavericks.  The real fans have always believed and hoped and dreamed that this day would come. 
In the early 80‘s, my sister worked for the Hyatt Corporation in Dallas and helped do the set up for the meeting where papers were signed and the Mavericks officially became a part of the NBA.  The Mavs offices still have photos of that event on the walls.  At the centerpiece of the ‘signing table’ was a basketball that belonged to my young nieces and had been scooped up by my creative sister from her garage that morning.  The Mavs owners, the Carters, took the ball from the centerpiece as a memento of the occasion and the Mavs office later sent my sister a new ball, signed by the whole team!!
I don’t usually write about sports, but this has been a wild and fun ride. Thank you Dallas Mavericks!  The whole country (with the exception of Miami..) was rooting for you!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fabric

I am a fabric junky, but I don't sew. I have a whole bin of swatches, samples and snips that beg me to do something with them and I am not sure I ever will.  I can spend hours looking at fabric and dreaming of sofas, chairs, bedrooms, pillows, curtains..... I would need multiple houses to use all that I see that I love...
I have hauled a few of my pieces out for school projects for the kids and I really did cover my dining room chairs myself, so I am not completely incapable of doing something with fabric as long as it involves a staple gun.  My love of fabric began as a child. My mom is an amazing seamstress. She's made countless items for my three sisters and me.  When I was old enough to shop on my own, I often wandered in fabric shops, fell in love with a piece and had to have Mom make something for me.  I knew I was lucky.  I don't know how she had the time. She worked full time and kept the house neat as a pin, made all desserts from scratch and cooked 99 percent of our meals.   I think that sewing was her escape.  She would be absorbed in a project and looked forward to the evening hours after the dishes were washed and put away and we were all tucked in, so she could tackle the zipper or piece the bodice to the skirt.  I knew early in my life the difference between dotted-swiss and pique, wool from wool gabardine, cotton from polyester.  It is no wonder I obsess about fabrics.  I could use a little more success in the use of fabric.  I took a sewing class once, made a skirt, wore the skirt once and threw it out. It was not a good experience.  I bought a sewing machine about three years ago and it sits in the bottom of my closet, waiting for me.  I will try another class one day, maybe I will turn my fabric fetish into a cool hobby or something.  Maybe there is a sewing camp for sewing class drop outs!! I might need some more fabric...

The colors and textures that I love about fabrics are a lot like the quilt of friends and family I have who constantly support me and care for me. I have had a less than stellar month for lots of reasons (I have MS and for the first time in five years it has been causing me some aggravation), but I have had some great kindness and love poured out on me and I am so grateful for all of it.  The healing and the recovery is impossible without it.  The meds can't do what you do for me.

In gratitude and until I write again, be well.