Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quasimodo impersonation

I do not  understand why I do this. I, frequently, despite the fact that I own laundry baskets, try to grab with just my two scrawny arms, every piece of laundry out of the dryer and carry it to a remote location, littering the highways and biways with underwear, socks. towels, etc. I call it the Quasimodo. What makes me do this so often that I have a name for my action...?  Aside from the fact that I am a little crazy, one reason comes to mind...maybe last week's laundry is still sitting in the laundry baskets. Maybe my children have turned the baskets into some form of their imaginary universe.  Sometimes the laundry baskets get filled with the "dregs" of the day at the end of it when I am too tired to really put things away.  I shove whatever has landed on my bed into the basket - sometimes on top of the folded or unfolded clothes. Then I wonder why I can't find my keys, prescription I picked up the day before, glasses, current book club selection, matching socks, school papers that need to be signed and returned RIGHT NOW...

I need to be better organized.  Is there a pill for that? I am jealous of my type A friends who would tell me that I should just fold and sort the load as I pull it out of the dryer. A big fat raspberry to that...I am too claustrophobic to do that and then I could not watch all the obnoxious HGTV people organizing and decorating themselves into a frenzy while I try to sort socks, or I would miss Ina Garten's (is that really her name?!) artful breaking of eggs into a bowl for her fabulous anniversary quiche for Jeffrey.  I hope Jeffrey knows how lucky he is...

Time to dive into the washer and look for loose change. Happy Sunday.


  1. Perhaps the line of dropped socks is more like a trail of
    breadcrumbs leading you back to where you started. Oh, if only the kids could snatch up the socks like the birds ate the breadcrumbs.

  2. Shout out for the book club! Whoo hoo! See you tonight. :-)