Thursday, October 7, 2010

The changing of the closets

Ah, nothing like a little cool air in the morning to set the stage for the quarterly changing of the closets.  All of a sudden we really need to find pants (that still fit) and transform the drawers that are full of shorts and swim stuff to sweaters and cozy things.  I usually have a few plastic bins that are emptied and then refilled after the culling process has been completed.  I don't mind the chore this time of year because I LOVE fall. I love the cool temperatures and the fact that I can now completely cover up all body parts and tuck away my neon white legs for a few months.  I love the fall colors and curling up under blankets, picking leaves out of my hair... My girls can't wait to drag out the Halloween stuff.  On the radio today, I heard a Christmas I know it's October. Isn't it weird that we dress our kids up all crazy and let them wander around and beg for food on Halloween? And then they get home with a giant sack full of candy that we don't want them to eat? Back to the reality of weeding out the closets.  For mine, I'd like to just bulldoze it and start over. Better get to it! Now where are the keys to that bulldozer...?

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