Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Threshold

The Threshold...
Do you know that feeling you get when standing on the threshold of something? If it’s a party you are about to enter, the feeling could be of excitement or anticipation or stress depending the circumstances.  Starting something new in your life can feel like the steep ascent on a wickedly tall roller coaster.  You might have chosen to do this to yourself or maybe someone talked you into it and if you don’t vomit on them when it’s over you may want to kill them.  Or it may be the best thrill of your life.  I am finally able to call myself a writer. This is a big step for me. I feel like I have walked through the door and I am ready for the party.
I am hoping to share some useful things I have learned within this patch of the on-line universe and maybe satisfy that need of mine to get over the top of that first climb on the scariest coaster ever... discovering who I am and learning to make the most of my life while I have the chance.  Welcome to my world...
When I was little, my mom  would read to us (me and one of my sisters) on Sunday afternoons. After the roasting pans were cleaned and stored back in their rightful places and the smell of the roast and potatoes still lingering, but before the second piece of pie which would be our dinner... we would gather in the living room.  
Mom would sit in one of her danish-modern armchairs and crack open a book.  Always one of her choosing and always one of comedy or humor. I guess it was a kind of therapy for her and for us too.  This is the only memory I have of her actually sitting down and doing something relaxing - no hemming, mending, reattaching buttons.   The stories she read to us were not the usual classics of Shakespeare or the Bronte sisters, they were of even wiser scholars of the world such as Erma Bombeck and Phyllis Diller.
At the ripe age of 10,  I felt so wise hearing how people really dealt with life, kids, running a household and lots of other topics - some very light and some really heavy.
I hope to share some thoughts and some tips as I find them.  I find out lots of information that would have helped me more had I known it sooner.... Some of this space will be devoted to laundry, actual laundry. And some space will be devoted to life’s laundry.  I hope you enjoy the space with me and share comments and life/laundry tips with me too.  The longer I live the less I seem to know..
What’s up today?
Today is my birthday. I started the day with a great big hug from my older daughter who turned 11 yesterday. She was the greatest B-day gift ever!!  Both of my girls led me upstairs to the “surprise!” moment of the day... their beds were made!! Isn’t that a great gift?? It was so genuine and so perfect.  I had a great lunch with a great friend and shopped a little.  All fun stuff! Tonight we are ordering chinese food!  I refuse to cook on my bday! 
I hope you will join in my journey now and then. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. Happy birthday, Kristine, and congratulations on your momentous step! Have you read "Julie and Julia?"