Thursday, September 30, 2010

The day after

Sept 30, 2010
The day after birthday...back to not being queen.  Laundry to do.  Life. Or how about shopping instead!  I had a great time with a righteous fashionista friend at the mall today and spent all my bday money and then some.  I am not good with clothes.  I would do well to find a grown-up version of Garanimals (does that still exist?). I have shopped the bargains for so long, I have a closet full of things that don’t go together very well.  And mostly I wear jeans and basic tops.  I have been wearing the same basic style since fifth grade.  I don’t have a need to spend top dollar for clothes to schlep around to the places I go, but as I am getting a little older I want to look a little more put together - at least some of the time...  Why I think that Anthropologie will do it for me, I am not sure... but I love their Bohemian aura and I sort of want that. Okay, I could spend a fortune in there if I had it, but today I splurged and truly spent all of my bday money on three things.  I feel a little weird about that but I really love what I got and now maybe when and if I ever want to exude that vibe of “I am not ready for chico’s baby, I can look cute and stylish and not look like I have given up on myself...” I will have the right outfit for that occasion.
So, many thanks to the awesome shopping goddess that went with me and helped me so much and made me laugh a lot. 
On a completely different note:
We have had such cleansing rain for the past few days that when the blue sky finally appeared I thought there was something wrong with my eyes the color was so intense.  I hope you got to see it too.

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  1. Those of us who are also fashion- challenged would love to see pics of your new bday outfits on FB!