Friday, April 15, 2011

Soles Without Soul

Really??? Really??!!!  I made fun of the secret French fashion society a few blogs ago but maybe I ought to sling a few arrows in the direction of Italy. As I see this year’s Idolettes  tromp down the stairway from heaven in their mega-platform, stiletto-heeled boots/loafers/pumps/sandals/golf shoes while singing and holding a microphone as they plunge toward terra firma at the bottom, it makes me nervous.  I think they should earn special awards for not falling to their deaths or maybe gift cards to podiatry establishments. I guess they look “hot” in the fashion stilts to someone. Do men really like seeing women wobble around like toddlers taking tiny little steps...oh.. I guess they do.  Sort of a vulnerable angle or something.  I remember my Dad saying once that women did not look as attractive in flat shoes (my Dad the fashion guru - umm not really.)  

I am such a wimp when it comes to heels.  I lost all balance and good equilibrium in the postpartum fog.  This doesn’t seem to affect many young mothers that I see running around town in their crazytall shoes carrying a forty pound diaper bag and a baby carrier loaded down with an adorable infant who has no idea that at any moment the whole magilla could go sprawling in all directions.  Many pick fashion over comfort and safety. Maybe they are truly as Herculean as they appear.  I am just sayin.... the idea of balancing on some tiny point, (and no you can’t convince me that platforms are comfy either at that height) makes me think they might as well let the foot doctor have direct access to their checking accounts. 
I am a shoe freak as much as the next girl, but count me out on this trend. I think they belong in the Museum of Interesting Shoes. Art, yes. Footwear, no.

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  1. Gah. The top ones are pretty in a "put them on a pedestal and observe the nice lines and proportions" sort of way. Luckily my husband is shorter than me -- and while he doesn't mind that fact, he also doesn't need me to be another three inches taller -- so I go straight for the "flats" option on Zappos myself ;)