Tuesday, December 21, 2010


by K. Mossinghoff

as in gone-in-a 
the place where time stops
a smile 
a sister that blinks

can I tell what that was
that flew past my eyes 
a bird, a plane
not superman, well maybe

the space between then 
and now 
the shock of waking up 
out of a bad dream

the time on vacation
or the naked butt of a child 
on the beach 
or not a child, but naked

the blinding glow 
of a celestial body
that seemed to move
and draw a crowd to a stable

the span of a young man’s life 
gone so quick 
thousands of years ago
and we still do not understand

the time that it takes to live
and to breathe the real air 
the movie of a life on fast forward
in the last seconds between here

and there. 
hold it. say cheese.

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