Thursday, November 4, 2010

What to do with a little more time...

Now that the goblins have gobbled the best of the candy and the witches have switched back to their good- old-girl selves, we can get on with the fact that it is now NOVEMBER! How did that happen? Time is so strange in that it can seem so long or so short.  Time seems to speed up in my world. The closer it is to "bus time" the faster it goes. I always seem to be scrambling to finish up something.

This coming weekend will provide an extra hour as we change our clocks back.  I think we could come up with some interesting options for what to do with that extra hour.  Probably the most popular option I would guess is sleep.  No one I know gets enough sleep except for my dad who is 89 and well, there just isn't as much to do at that age.  If you have kids this profoundly affects what happens in the night. I know plenty of households where no one wakes up in the same bed as they started. I also know someone who really promoted the family bed idea and it was such a success that their teenaged daughter was still sleeping with them when she was in high school..  I don't sleep well at all with my kids. My radar goes on overdrive with all their sniffing and breathing.  I wake up with a backache because I usually end up with someone mashing on my spine!

Here are some possibilities for my extra hour:
Take a long walk, bake a cake, play a board game with the kids, spend an entire hour just playing whatever the kids want to play, visit a friend, organize the pantry, drive somewhere that takes a half hour then turn around, write a letter, write the blog..., iron (ew, no way), call my mom, or my sisters, get a jump start on Christmas shopping, get nails done, watch a Madmen rerun, go out for breakfast, paint, help with kid projects, fold laundry (gagging sounds, no), rake a pile of leaves and jump in.  When you take the ribbon off and take that extra hour out of the box what will you do with such a gift?


  1. Ha, you'd need an extra week for that list of goodies- what did you wind up doing? My extra hour was spent on the computer...

  2. I actually did some writing! I also slept a tad longer... :-)